The Thrilling Zipline Industry

Ziplines are extremely popular, and are “gaining momentum” exponentially worldwide. Commercial zipline adventures are found in over 72 countries over six continents, however there are none in Tanzania… (until now; TANZIP!)

From 2010- 2015 commercial zipline operations increased from approximately 200 to almost 1200 (in Canada & USA) with 2014- 2015 bringing an increase of 30% in commercial ziplines, challenge courses, & canopy tours  2015 yielded an average of 49 500 Google searches every month for the term ‘zipline’, and they have become a staple of the international tourism industry.

Tanzania has a thriving tourist industry. Approximately 770 000 tourists visit Tanzania per annum, with 450 000 of those passing through Mto wa Mbu on the Northern safari circuit (Ngorongoro).  That averages to over 1200 travellers per day!

Visitors to Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Tarangire National Park will already be within 50 km of Rift Zipline Adventure; the majority of them passing within 5 km.  The world famous Mt. Kilimanjaro also attracts a lot of travellers to Tanzania (approximately 25 000 climbers per year). These adventure travellers are looking for participatory recreation; travel adventure that is interactive, thrilling, and physically challenging; such as a zipline tour.  Ziplines are an attractive recreational activity as there is little time or training required by the rider, it is family friendly, and the adrenaline rush/ thrill is achieved with a negligible risk to the rider’s safety.tanzip zipline tanzania africa adventure travel tourism tour wildlife safari kilimanjaro seregenti lake manyara tarangire ngorongoro

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