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Aerial Adventure Park Lexicon

  • Zipline
    • A cable stretched between two points that people slide down or across by using gravity for amusement or travel.  People usually wear a harness attached to a pulley or trolley by a lanyard or rope.
  • Canopy Tour
    • A route or trail set in the canopy of the forest. May include aerial bridges and ziplines.
  • Suspension Bridge
    • A bridge that the deck (the load bearing area/ where you walk or drive) is hung below  horizontal suspension cables that are attached to vertical beams or supports.
  • Via Ferrata
    • A via ferrata, “iron road”, is a safe rock climbing route. Climbers are attached to a cable that remains secured throughout the climb, so any falls are minimal.
  • Aerial Park
    • These recreational parks are usually designed to accommodate a large variety of guests, and elements include ropes courses, obstacle courses, swinging bridges, ziplines and more.  Guests clip into an overhead cable so they cannot actually fall as they go around the course. Courses are often suspended in trees, or can be in free standing towers.
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Aerial Adventure Park at Whitefish Mountain Resort – Flathead Valley Community College


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