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ATV rides coming to Mto wa Mbu!!

Tanzip Zipline adventure is super stoked to welcome 4WheelingTZ to Mto wa Mbu!

Tanzip zipline adventure tanzania africa quad atv mto wa mbu
Side by Side!

Self drive quad bike adventures will be offered as of July 1st!

We are offering 3 awesome rides!

    • Zipline Quad Bike Ride
      • Drive yourself to the zipline! Start in Mto wa Mbu village and self drive your ATV through town and into maasai land. You will pass by many maasai bomas, and enjoy views of the rift valley escarpment, and the unique wetlands near Lake Miwaleni.
      • This adventure takes approximately 3 hours including ATV orientation, Zipline briefing, 1h of driving, and the zipline experience
      • $120
    • Rift Valley Ride
      • This loop starts in Mto wa Mbu village, and take you on an exciting drive through town, then up the rift valley escarpment.  The panoramic views are stunning, and you will enjoy different driving terrains and surroundings.
      • This ride takes approximately 1.5 hours, including ATV orientation and 1h of driving.
      • $105


    • Lake Miwaleni Ride & Hike
      • This adventures starts in Mto wa Mbu village and, takes you through Maasai land until you reach the Oasis of Lake Miwaleni.  Enjoy a hike around the lake, then self-drive back to town.
      • This ride takes approximately 2.5- 3 hours including ATV orientation, 1 hour of driving, and 1h hour of hiking.
      • $140


    • Deluxe Zipline & Quad Adventure!
      •  Drive yourself from Mto wa Mbu village to the bush where you will hike around Lake Miwaleni, enjoy a picnic chai break, go ziplining, and then drive yourself back!
      • The experience takes 4-5 hours including ATV orientation, zipline briefing, the zipline experience, 1 hour of driving, chai, and 1 hour of hiking.
      • $ 165


PASSENGER RATES $75                             PASSENGER CHILD $ 65



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