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Top 7 Adventures in TANZANIA

You are planning your next holiday… Africa has always been on your list of places to visit… keep reading to learn about the amazing Tanzanian adventure in your future!

1.Tanzip Zipline Adventure!

cropped-zipline-dude4.jpgTanzania’s only Zipline Adventure Park!

Tanzip Zipline Adventure Park is located just outside of Mto wa Mbu village in Tanzania,  Africa.  It is nestled at the base of the great rift valley wall, offering stunning views of surrounding lakes, wetlands, maasai steppe, and the rift valley.

Tanzip Zipline is located on the Northern circuit safari route, just minutes off the main road that leads to the national parks; Tarangire, Lake Manyara , Ngorongoro and Serengeti. The unique eco- course offers over 1 km of thrilling zipline, with 6 unique platforms built around majestic baobab trees. Guests enjoy four thrilling jumps, a tree top view point, a suspension bridge, and a tree house refreshment stand!  Book the zipline experience alone, or in combination with a cultural village tour, hiking, or biking in the area.


2. Mount Kilimanjaro

boClimbing Kilimanjaro is truly an amazing and extraordinary experience. The spectacular views, unique flora, and achievement of trekking this mountain cannot be duplicated. For many, Kilimanjaro is a lifelong dream, for others a last minute adventure. If you decide to climb Kilimanjaro, be ready to reach deep, triumph over fears and challenges, and celebrate your climb for many years to come!

3. Homestay Experience

Spend some time living a Tanzanian family!  Really immerse yourself into the day- day life of Tanzanians. For most, this is a big step out of their comfort zone and takes a truly adventurous spirit- eating new foods, learning new customs, communicating with limited language skills!  A challenge and a learning opportunity; homestays usually result in lifelong friendships and ever lasting memories.


4. Camping Safari in the Serengeti

zebra- safari- knapp- picture- bomaafrica.jpgWorld famous and indescribable, the plains of Serengeti offer the classic picture of African wildlife. Here is where you are likely to see lions on the hunt for zebra, or the colossal migration of a million wildebeest. Serengeti is a designated world heritage site, as one the largest wildlife refuges worldwide, covering 14763 square km.

Camping in the wilds of Serengeti is a true adventure. Whether you are spotting hyenas as you go to the restroom, elephants are coming into camp, or you hear the sounds of lions as you try to sleep- it is an experience you will never forget.

5. Trek through Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Climb the active volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai

Though it stretches well beyond the crater rim, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is known for its stunning caldera. An extinct volcano, the crater floor has permanent water and rich pasture, making an ideal habitat for wildlife. Some of Tanzania’s last black rhinoceros live within the crater, though they can be difficult to spot. This conservation area is also a World Heritage Site, acknowledged for the harmonious relationship between its Maasai habitants and wildlife.

The Maasai are a semi nomadic pastoralist tribe, living in windowless smoky mud huts. A visit to their Boma reveals their everlasting traditional lifestyle, large polygamous families living and raising cattle for sustenance of life. Scattered throughout Kenya and Tanzania, the Maasai are known for their rites of circumcision, warrior status, and resonating chanting.

Trekking through the highlands takes you through genuine Maasai territory. Your Maasai guide and donkey porters accompany you until you come out at lake Natron. Finish with an intense midnight hike to the active volcano rim.


6. Hunting with the Hadzabe bushmen

tThe Hadzabe are one of the last nomadic hunter-gatherer societies that traditionally subsist on roots and fruits gathered by the women, and the meat hunted by the men. Their most common prey is baboon, and the second, zebra! Visiting the Hadzabe at the shores of Lake Eyasi gives you the opportunity to glance into their lifestyle, by seeing their grass huts and communities or by participating in hunting, gathering, jewellery making and more.

7. Chimpanzee Tracking

Gombe Stream National Park

This is Tanzania’s smallest park, only 52 square km, but it is distinguishing as it is home to man’s closest genetic relative, the chimpanzee. On the shores of Tanganyika, this park offers beach side camping, hiking, swimming, and snorkelling, and of course Chimpanzee trekking. World renowned for Jane Goodall’s research with chimps, Gombe Stream is rich in primates, and has few carnivores, making a great hiking and swimming destination. Gombe Stream is usually accessed by flight and boat ride.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.48.29 AM.pngMahale Mountains National Park

Dominated mostly by the Mahale Mountain chain, this park also borders Lake Tanganyika. Hiking and swimming are astonishing here, however, the most common reason for visitors to Mahale is Chimpanzee Trekking. Your guide will lead you on a trek through the wilderness, looking for signs of recent chimp activity, such as nests and discarded fruit. Mahale Mountains is accessed by aircraft or watercraft, and its 1613 square km need at least 2 full days of exploration!

Contact Boma Africa for more information on traveling Tanzania: www.bomaafrica.com

2018, ADVENTURE, aerial park, aerial parks, AFRICA, baobab, baobab fruit, baobab tree, canopy tour, christmas, FAQ, history, karibu, karibu kilifair, kilifair, KILIMANJARO, NEW YEAR, reality tv, SAFARI, Serengeti, steve guftason, suspension bridge, TANZANIA, tanzip, Tourism, trade show, travel, Uncategorized, via ferrata, zip away tv, zipaway, ZIPLINE



  • How should I prepare for the Tanzip zipline experience?
    • There is minimal preparation required!  You must wear closed toed shoes, and long hair must be tied securely or worn under a bandana. Short shorts and skirts are not permitted (knee length shorts are allowed).
    • Hats are not advisable (they will fly off!)
    • Remove items from your pockets. They are likely to fall out due to the way you sit in the harness. Items can be left securely at the Tanzip office.
    • Heavy canvas or leather palmed gloves are recommended. Bring your own, or zipline gloves are available for purchase at your Tanzip orientation for $5.
    • Gum, candy, smoking, and alcohol are not permitted during the tour.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    • Tanzip Zipline continues to operate in light rains, however extreme rain, high winds, and lightening in the area would result in the lines closing until the weather clears. Guests may be asked to wait or will be offered a “rain check” to come back another day.
  • Are there age/ weight/ health restrictions?
    • Participants must be at least 7 years old
    • Participants must weigh at least 23 kg/ 50 lbs
    • Maximum weight is 130 kg/ 285 lbs
    • Participants must be able to walk a short distance on uneven terrain and climb a ladder
    • It is not recommend to participate while pregnant due the fitting of the harness across the abdomen
    • If you have health concerns, consult your physician (for example heart disease, vertigo, fear of heights, seizures)
  • Can I participate if I’ve been drinking alcohol?
    • No, participating in the zipline tour is not considered safe when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do I tip my guides?
    • It is customary to tip guides in Tanzania. Our guides work extra hard to make your tour fun, safe, and memorable; they also act as your personal photographer.  As usual tipping depends on your satisfaction with your guide!
  • Do I have to sign a waiver?
    • All participants must sign a release of responsibility waiver upon arrival. Riders participate at their own risk.
  • Can I bring my camera?
    • Cameras are welcome; however, you are solely responsible for its transport and condition. We cannot be responsible for any valuables dropped or damaged from the tour. If you have a mechanism to secure your camera to yourself while zipping, such as a lanyard or zipped pocket then yes. Your guide will also be taking high quality photos of your group, which will be available for purchase at the completion of your tour.
  • Is it safe?
    • Tanzip Zipline Adventure course is built and operated according to ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards and is compliant with the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) code of conduct established in Ontario, Canada.
    • Ziplines and equipment are inspected daily.
    • Adventure sports activities have inherent risk. All participants are provided with a safety orientation prior to going on the course, and safety remains the top priority throughout the activity.
    • All participants must sign a waiver acknowledging risk and that they participate at their own risk
2018, ADVENTURE, aerial park, AFRICA, AFV, america's funniest home videos, baobab, baobab fruit, baobab tree, canopy tour, christmas, history, karibu, karibu kilifair, kilifair, KILIMANJARO, NEW YEAR, reality tv, SAFARI, Serengeti, steve guftason, suspension bridge, TANZANIA, tanzip, Tourism, trade show, travel, via ferrata, zip away tv, zipaway, ZIPLINE

Tanzip Zipline’s Day Tours

Tanzip Zipline Tour

Experience the thrill of flying through the African sky! Zip between majestic baobab trees while taking in the stunning scenery of Tanzania. The zipline course has 4 exciting zips, a suspension bridge, and 6 unique eco-platforms.  Before you begin take a climb up to the tree top viewpoint, and after your tour take in a cold bevvy in the treehouse bar!

Hike at Lake Miwaleni

A beautiful hike from Tanzip to the picturesque Lake Miwaleni. Hike around the lake learning about the wetlands and the area.  This hike is not difficult but the terrain is uneven.

Maasai Boma Culture Tour

Visit an authentic boma and learn about the life of the Maasai tribe of Tanzania.  See how they raise their livestock, cook, bead, sing and dance, and learn about their traditions and culture; all while supporting the local village.

Mto wa Mbu Village Tour

Walk along the streets of Mto wa Mbu, a bustling Tanzanian village. Visit local artisans, learn about making banana beer, visit farms and plantations, and enjoy a traditional Tanzanian lunch.

Bike to Lake Manyara Shoreline

An easy bike ride from Mto wa Mbu village to the shores of Lake Manyara. You are likely to spot amazing wildlife such as monkeys, zebras, wildebeest, and more!

Hike to the Rift Valley Plateau

Take half a day to hike from Mto wa Mbu village up the wall of the great rift valley to the plateau above. You will pass through town, banana plantations, natural forest, baobab trees, and a semi- arid landscape. The panaromic view at the top is worth the climb!  This hike has a large elevation gain, and is moderately physically challenging.

tanzip zipline tanzania africa adventure travel tourism tour wildlife safari kilimanjaro seregenti lake manyara tarangire ngorongoro

2018, ADVENTURE, AFRICA, christmas, KILIMANJARO, NEW YEAR, SAFARI, Serengeti, suspension bridge, TANZANIA, tanzip, Tourism


Well 2018 will be the most important year for Tanzip Zipline; our grand opening!  Cable and terminations are en route from South Africa, and will be here by the end of January!  Mike of Aerial Parks, our awesome park designer will make a trip from Canada in February to secure the cable, oversee the building of the baobab decks, and provide safety and operational training to the Zipline crew! In the meantime we are building roads, bathrooms, orientation huts, and the amazing tree house bar!

ADVENTURE, AFRICA, christmas, KILIMANJARO, SAFARI, Serengeti, suspension bridge, TANZANIA, tanzip, Tourism, ZIPLINE

Merry Christmas from Tanzania

It’s a balmy 34 degrees celsius here in Tanzania on Christmas day! Santa came to visit our house and the children are drinking Fanta Orange and playing games with their cousins and friends!

Wishing you all the best over the holidays from Africa to wherever you may be!

Love, Tanzip Zipline!

Yeti does Christmas by superawesomekevin on IMGUR